Training Courses and Events

G&H routinely helps design, develop and delivery learning events for various clients and projects. Below is a list of events that have been recorded. Go to the training room (listed in parenthesis) that corresponds to the event to view the recording or view related materials.

  • An Orientation to Mutual Aid Support System (Mutual Aid) 
  • Mutual Aid with the Mission Ready Package Toolbox (Mutual Aid)
  • Federal Grants for Public Safety and Emergency Management Information Sharing (Capacity Building Webinar)
  • A Discussion on Voice Communications Interoperability (Capacity Building Webinar)
  • Tools and Technologies for Hurricane Operations (Capacity Building Webinar)
  • Maximizing HSIN Tools and Features(Capacity Building Webinar)
  • Accessing and Monitoring Weather Data to Aid Decision-Making during Hazardous Events (Capacity Building Webinar)
  • Innovating with Social Media to Advance Homeland Security (Capacity Building Webinar)
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Special Events Management—A Case Study from the Democratic National Convention (Capacity Building Webinar)
  • Canada-U.S. Enhanced Resiliency Experiment (NISC)
  • Maryland’s OSPREY System (NISC)
  • Local to Global Information Sharing (NISC)
  • Situational Awareness for Non-Governmental Organizations: The American Red Cross (NISC)
  • Concepts in Situational Awareness and Information/Geospatial Data Sharing (NISC)
  • Mutual Aid and EMAC: Automation and Integration (NISC)
  • National Capital Region (NCR) – Geospatial Data Exchange (GDX) Initiative (NISC)
  • GeoGuard and Shared Situational Awareness (SSA) Initiatives (NISC)
  • Situational Awareness for Special Events: Lessons Learned from the DNC and the 2012 U.S. (NISC)
  • Olympic Track and Field Trials (NISC)



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