Geographic Information Systems (GIS) For Homeland Security: Use Cases and Applications

Introduction and overview 

FEMA Risk MAP and National Flood Insurance Program 

Hurricane Impact and Evacuation Modeling with HURREVAC 

Hazard Impact and Loss Estimation with HAZUS-MH 

Regional Mutual Aid Awareness with GIS Tools 

Power Outage Mapping and Modeling 

  • Download: EARSS Operational Document

Public-Private Coordination in Emergencies—Lessons Learned from CUSEC’s CAPSTONE 14 Exercise 

Shared Situational Awareness during CUSEC’s CAPSTONE 14 Exercise 

Using Voluntary Registries for Preparing At-Risk Populations

  • Download: Guidance on Planning for Integration of Functional Needs Support Services in General Population Shelters

Coastal Weather Monitoring with NOAA’s GIS Mapping Portal nowCOAST

Common Operational Pictures for Emergency Preparedness and Response

Geospatial Information Infrastructure (GII) for the Homeland Security Enterprise

Influenza Detection and Monitoring

The FiRST Application – A Bomb Threat and Chemical Release Planning and Response Tool

Special Event Planning with the Computer-Based Assessment Tool

GIS for Special Events Management: A Case Study from the Democratic National Convention

  • Link: Charlotte’s GIS Experts Support the Democratic National Convention:

GIS Supporting School Safety – New Hampshire Case Study

Tornado Damage and Loss Estimation with Standard Unified Modeling, Mapping, and Integration Toolkit (SUMMIT)

  • Download: SUMMIT for Homeland Emergency Response & Planning Analysis
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