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Welcome to the Training Center!

G&H training services offer learning experiences that are interactive, social, customized, fun and effective. We employ learning strategies that help people and organizations understand and adapt to complex concepts and technologies, in ways that are practical and help them do their jobs smarter, easier, and more efficiently.

We specialize in developing training courses and educational products on topics such as emergency management, technology, information sharing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), social media, and community resilience. Our team of experienced subject matter experts, instructional designers, editors, evaluators, and trainers can develop courses that can be delivered in the following ways:

  • Instructor-led: traditional classroom style training
  • Field Training: one-on-one or small group in-person instruction
  • Webinars: live, interactive, web-based training
  • On Demand: self-paced web-based training and video tutorials

G&H is an Accredited Provider of Continuing Education and Training, accredited by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET). We award IACET recognized Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to trainees that attend learning events that we design, develop and host. As an Accredited Provider, we pledge to meet international training and education standards recognized by the American National Standards Institute.  

For samples of our work email Megan Bixler at

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